MUJI | Pencil Sharpener

Japan, Sharpener | $1
object/objective 95/90

I'm a big fan of MUJI products, this is one of my favorite stationery. I use this almost everyday. A great usability and minimize form factor. It is safe to use and cheap product with amazing quality. My friends and colleagues are ask me "why do you keep using this small sharpener instead of automatic one?" well, when I use this sharpener, I could enjoy and it make a favorable impression on. I agree that it's uncomfortable to use. extremely small storage space, I guess it only cover 3-4 pencils and this is too much work for users. I've been using this daily for a 4 years but It's still working perfectly and I'm still enjoying to use it.

A well-organized label design is located on the side of the container(It's MUJI's brand identity) Plastic material's living hinge works really well. The heavy-duty, Extremely strong.

This is typical of MUJI product that 'functional design eliminating excess decoration, Value for money the right balance between quality and price.'The MUJI sharpener is made up of several components designed for ease of use, maintenance.

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