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Sextoy | Nana

001 | Female, Sextoy
Mar-Apr, 2017
Jaekyu, Jung

Nana is an adult sex toy that designed for female. It's also an object for the ornaments on the table. This iconic object originated from genitals shape. Outer part is inspired by vagina and inner part is inspired by penis that covered by translucent plastic with colored silicone. This soft cucumiform gives it a adorable character that pretty well-matched with enviroment.

The base color ranges from green to orange. Combined in various ways, theses multiple colors can be a combination of several versions. This is as simple and humble form shape. The top of the design. It's playful and very iconic look. It also reminds you a mouse in the hole.


3 multiple colors can be a combination

Google | Pixel

USA, Chromebook | $399
object/objective 90/80

The Pixel is the first chromebook by Google also this is the my first chromebook. Full aluminum chassis it's done by CNC process, noise cancelling mic with high-resolution display. Yes, Sounds too much it's only for chrome OS. But it's meaningful product to Google because it's their first premium chromebook they've never had. In the years to follow, Samsung and hp and there's more manufacturer were trying to announce the premium chromebook. Now they compete actively in tablet markets. It has minimal design. The matte silver chassis and the very solid keyboard layout and key cab design. It offers a tactile typing experience that makes fun to typing. A well-balanced detail on the product, rubber feet design is extremely simple and it has squared pyramid shape. Look at the F-key row, It's sophisticated, no space between key and key.

An Iconic LED lighting for the chromebook. It's mixed by Google's identity colors. Light strip on the Pixel's lid lights up when you turn on the chromebook and also when you put it to sleep mode. you can also customized the led color using the developer mode.


This is my favorite part about the Pixel. It has barrel type hinges also doubles as a wireless antenna and a heatsink underneath the hinge. Except that area, there's no more vent hole on the chassis. Laptop companies in the market they were trying to hide hinge from the chassis to make a clean foam. but they exposed the hinge on the exterior. It's very straightforward approach.


MUJI | Pencil Sharpener

Japan, Sharpener | $1
object/objective 95/90

I'm a big fan of MUJI products, this is one of my favorite stationery. I use this almost everyday. A great usability and minimize form factor. It is safe to use and cheap product with amazing quality. My friends and colleagues are ask me "why do you keep using this small sharpener instead of automatic one?" well, when I use this sharpener, I could enjoy and it make a favorable impression on. I agree that it's uncomfortable to use. extremely small storage space, I guess it only cover 3-4 pencils and this is too much work for users. I've been using this daily for a 4 years but It's still working perfectly and I'm still enjoying to use it.

A well-organized label design is located on the side of the container(It's MUJI's brand identity) Plastic material's living hinge works really well. The heavy-duty, Extremely strong.

This is typical of MUJI product that 'functional design eliminating excess decoration, Value for money the right balance between quality and price.'The MUJI sharpener is made up of several components designed for ease of use, maintenance.

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